January 4

Thoughts on RPGmaker MV

I’m at it again. RPGmaker keeps drawing me back, it’s just so damn cozy to fiddle with when you got the time for it. During the winter holidays I’ve been working on a two year old project that haven’t been touched for a long time. The game features a “could’ve been” scenario for my RP groups long going Dungeons & Dragons adventure.

I’ve been dabbling with RPGmaker since the earliest versions and it was one of the first softwares I used to make digital games as a teenager. It’s a real treat to just sit and tinker with whatever you like with no clear goal or ambition other than you do it because you want to. Totally relaxing!

Hopefully I can post a playable version for download once I’ve cleaned it up some, but it’s filled with in-jokes that I’m not sure would fit a larger audience. I haven’t even let my play group test it yet, but that is just a few hours work away from happening.

I haven’t tried the new RPGmaker MZ, I’m still working with MV. From what I’ve read in the community, there isn’t much reason to upgrade. It’s hard to keep up with all the software updates. It feels like every other day one of the tools I’m using releases a new version.

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